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Comment: OpenWatcom moved to partially working


PDClib requires at minimum a C99 capable compiler, and recommends a C11 capable one. In addition, some GNU C extensions are required (primarily supporting some functions such as stdarg.h, which require compiler assistance) The following compilers are suggested:

  • Recent versions of GCC (GPLv3)
  • Recent versions of Clang (UUIC) (in C99 mode; Clang's C11 mode is not yet sufficiently functional)

Compilers which are partially working

  • OpenWatcom: PDCLib builds on OpenWatcom, but the test suite does not link.

Other compilers which may work, but are untested:


  • Microsoft Visual C(++), as it lacks C99 support (and Microsoft have explicitly stated that this is not an aim)OpenWatcom, as it has incomplete C99 support and no support for the required GNU C extensions

Future directions include a better compiler abstraction and detection system.